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michigan dog laws 2019

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In all cases where damages are awarded, the fees paid by claimants shall be included in the amount of such damages. Mar. 1972, Act 349, Im Eff Jan 9, 1973. History: 1919, Act 339, Eff. The provisions of this act shall not be effective in the counties of this state that are operating under the provisions of section 16 wherein the board of supervisors have appointed a county animal control officer with certain powers and duties, unless the counties by a resolution duly adopted by the board of supervisors accept the provisions of this act. Dogs and cats shall not be offered for sale or sold to a research facility at public auction or by weight; or purchased by a research facility at public auction or by weight. A pet shop described in this subsection is not an animal protection shelter and is not liable for any pet adoptions performed by an animal protection shelter. The department may establish areas that include the Gladwin, Brighton, Highland, Waterloo, Ionia, Escanaba state forest, and White Cloud areas for field dog trials and dog training on state owned lands or lands under the department’s jurisdiction or control and may promulgate rules governing the operation and control of the areas as it considers desirable or expedient. The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) recently discussed this topic in the 2019 Whitetail Report. • Showing vicious habits or molesting a person on a public highway. Sec. (d) “Veteran” means any of the following: (i) A person who performed military service in the armed forces for a period of more than 90 days and separated from the armed forces in a manner other than a dishonorable discharge. Records of purchases, sales, transportation, handling, 287.388 . (b) “Poultry” means all domestic fowl, ornamental birds, and game birds possessed or being reared under authority of a breeder’s license pursuant to part 427 (breeders and dealers) of the natural resources and environmental protection act, Act No. Sec. A city, village or township by action of its governing body may adopt an animal control ordinance to regulate the licensing, payment of claims and providing for the enforcement thereof. 20, 1970. Disposal of animals; holding period; notice to owner; records, 287.389 . MCL § 287.321(3). 287.307 Mutilating of serial number prohibited; penalty. June 4, 1953;--Am. June 4, 1953;--Am. (a) “Adoption” means a transfer of ownership, with or without remuneration, of an animal from an animal control shelter or animal protection shelter to an individual for the purpose of being a companion animal for that individual. Eff. (b) If indicated, the cat has been treated for external and internal parasites so that the cat is not capable of spreading external or internal parasites to another animal at the time it is imported into this state. Wolf-Dog Cross Act (MCLA 287.1001 - 1023), 750.66a. Aug. 27, 1925 ;--CL 1929, 5258 ;--Am. The consent may establish conditions for entering or remaining upon that property. The commissioner of agriculture shall furnish such finder with the name and address of the owner, upon request. 7. (1) Notwithstanding any law or ordinance to the contrary, a service animal is not subject to any fee for licensing if either of the following applies: (a) The service animal is used by a person with a disability. 1953, Act 172, Imd. Mar. (b) Obtain an injunction against a person who is engaging, or about to engage, in a method, act, or practice that violates this act. 287.322 Complaints; Retention, Destruction of Animal; Court Orders to Protect Public. Michigan law and federal law allow service dogs to most public places. 1980, Act 223, Imd. (vii) A violation of a local ordinance substantially corresponding to a violation described in subparagraphs (i) to (vi). Sec. History: Add. History: 1939, Act 309, Eff. Not only can a dog be declared dangerous under Michigan law, but an owner can be separately civilly liable under the state’s dog bite law. 287, § 5a, added by P.A.1980, No. In 568 N.W.2d 391; 224 Mich.App. Sec. There is a general proposition that destruction of unlicensed dogs pursuant to specific statutory requirement is not in violation of the owner’s constitutional property protection, but rather reflects the legitimate regulation over the use of property by the Legislature deemed reasonable and practical to the public interest. What are the different Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings?*. Sec. 1947, Act 168, Eff. (d) “Kennel” means any establishment wherein or whereon dogs are kept for the purpose of breeding, sale, or sporting purposes. Upon the filling of a complaint for a dangerous animal, a district court magistrate shall order a summons to the owner to show why the dog should not be destroyed. MCL § 287.321(a)(i) and (ii). 1973, Act 32, Imd. Sec. Aug. 14, 1919 ;--Am. 20, 1970;--Am. 8. The law provides that any person who steals or takes a licensed dog without the owner’s consent or lawful authority is guilty of a misdemeanor. Only attorneys practicing at least three years and receiving a sufficient number of reviews from non-affiliated attorneys are eligible to receive a Rating. Any owner or caretaker may kill any dog found wandering within 40 feet of any enclosure in which fur-bearing animals are kept, and there giving tongue or otherwise terrifying such animals: Provided, That the dog so killed is neither muzzled nor accompanied by the owner or by a person having charge or care of such dog.HISTORICAL AND STATUTORY NOTESSource:P.A.1915, No. MCL § 287.322(2). 280, Imd. Aug. 14, 1919;--CL 1929, 5251;--CL 1948, 287.267;--Am. This includes those performing a state or federal function and those in an invitee or licensee status. Sept. 29, 1939;--CL 1948, 287.305. 291, Eff. March 30, 2007. Lawyers from our extensive network are ready to answer your question. animal cruelty as a form of domestic violence, do something reckless when you know or should know that an animal will die or be tortured as a result, threaten to kill or torture an animal in order to exert control over another person or make that person suffer mentally, or, allowing an animal to suffer unnecessary neglect, torture, or pain through, neglecting an animal by failing to provide adequate food, water, shelter, sanitary conditions, exercise, and veterinary care, tethering a dog with a rope or chain that’s too short (except when the animal is being groomed, trained, transported, or used in an event that required a short tether for safety), and, legal hunting, fishing, trapping, or wildlife control, how local authorities tend to interpret those laws, ordinances in your local community that may apply to your situation, how you might recover your pet if authorities have already taken it, and. For a comparison of state and local dogs laws, please see the Dog Laws Topic Area at the Animal Legal & Historical Center website at A research facility shall not purchase any dogs or cats except from a licensed dealer, public dog pound, humane society, or from a person who breeds or raises dogs or cats for sale. 197 of the Public Acts of 1952, as amended, being sections 24.101 to 24.110 of the Compiled Laws of 1948, as are necessary to govern the handling of dogs and cats by dealers and research facilities, to promote their health, well-being and safety. The content of the responses are entirely from client reviewers. (e) “Research facility” means any school, hospital, laboratory, institution, organization or person that uses or intends to use dogs or cats in research, tests or experiments, and that (1) purchases or transports such animals, or (2) receives any funds from the state or local government or any agency or instrumentality thereof to finance its operations by means of grants, loans or otherwise. History: 1919, Act 339, Eff. Each operator of a pound or shelter shall be required to maintain a record on each identifiable dog or cat acquired, indicating a basic description of the animal, the date it was acquired and under what circumstances. 9d. History: Add. (c) “Altered”, in reference to a dog, cat, or ferret, means having undergone alteration. Jan. 9, 2001 . Repealed by P.A.2016, No. 19, 1960;--Am. Sept. 29, 1939;--CL 1948, 287.304. - 287.301 to 287.307. 214, § 1, Imd. 1925, Act 322, Eff. A female dog that is in heat may not go beyond her owner’s premises unless properly held on a leash under this section. Therefore, if you have a claim for a breach of contract (more particularly a warranty that the pupply was disease free) then unless the cintract provides otherwise you have six years from the accrual of the claim to sue. Sec. Aug. 27, 1925;--Am. 392, Eff. May 19, 1933;--Am. Amended by P.A.1980, No. REVIEWED NOVEMBER 2019 Michigan breed-specific laws :: Michigan cities and counties with breed-specific laws. 324.42104 Area for field dog trials and dog training on state-owned lands; establishment; closing areas; fee; bond; care and maintenance of areas. Don’t miss the 2019 Great Lakes Animal Welfare Conference, October 21-22, presented by Michigan Humane! Eff. Welcome to SJC Animal Control. Stricter fireworks rules, police dogs in ambulances: New laws for 2019 Bad news for bullies. Eff. MCL § 287.279. In counties having a population of 100,000 or more, the department may issue additional permits as the department considers to be in the public interest. Supervision and enforcement; citation, summons or appearance ticket, 287.266 Dog license, application, issuance; refund of fees; vaccination of dog. A license to use dogs and cats in research will be issued provided the $25.00 application fee is paid and the applicant is of “good moral character,” has never been convicted of animal cruelty, and inspection has been made of the premises where research is to be done. Amended by P.A.2007, No. History: 1919, Act 339, Eff. 9. In addition, the court shall order the individual's license revoked if the individual is licensed to hunt, fish, or trap in this state, and shall order the individual not to seek or possess a license for the remainder of the calendar year in which the individual is convicted and during at least 1 succeeding calendar year. 20, 1970. Below, we’ve summarized the most important laws that pet owners and animal lovers should know about. The specific number of ownership assigned to such dog shall constitute a title to the owner of such dog and upon the sale of such dog by such owner he shall make an assignment of title and the purchaser shall immediately cause such assignment to be transmitted to the commissioner of agriculture, who shall issue a title in the name of the purchaser of such assignment, to be accompanied by a fee of $1.00. A fee of double the original license fee shall be charged for each previously licensed kennel, whose kennel license is applied for after June 1. Eff. 287, § 9c, added by P.A.2016, No. Sec. The director is authorized to promulgate rules in accordance with Act No. (5) The court may order an individual convicted of violating this part to pay the costs of prosecution. 85, § 3, Eff. Hunting or the carrying or possession of firearms other than a pistol or revolver with blank cartridges at any time of year on lands described in section 42101 is unlawful. 287.285 Saving clause; disposition of dog fund; expense of dog department in cities, payment. Sales by public auction or weight, prohibition; purchases, restrictions; unclaimed dogs and cats, disposal, maximum price, 287.390 . 287.287 Recovery of value of dog illegally killed. (4) The department shall deposit all license fees, inspection fees, other noncriminal fines or fees, and administrative fines received pursuant to this act into the agriculture licensing and inspection fees fund created in section 9 of the insect pest and plant disease act, 1931 PA 189, MCL 286.209, to be used, pursuant to appropriation, by the director in administering and carrying out those duties required by law under this act. 324.42105 Dog training areas; boundary fence or poster; mutilation, injury, or destruction prohibited. Aug. 28, 1929;--CL 1929, 5275;--Am. Any valid claims for loss or damage to live stock which have accrued under any general or local laws, prior to the taking effect of this act, shall not abate by reason of the repeal of such laws by the operation of this act, but all such claims, and all claims arising under this act and all expense incurred in any county in enforcing the provisions of this act shall be paid out of the general fund of the county. 1927, Act 114, Eff. Find state gun laws including conceal carry, open carry, licensing, and more. History: 1919, Act 339, Eff. 392, Eff. MCL § 287.266(3). Sept. 23, 1949;--Am. Dog License Information Michigan Compiled Law 287.266 requires that all dogs over 4 months old MUST have BOTH a current rabies vaccination AND a current dog license. Please report updates to this page here: . Eff. History: 1939, Act 73, Imd. (2) An amount awarded pursuant to this section shall be paid by the county out of its general fund. Penalties for certain violations ; disposition of dogs on site daily at each large-scale dog breeding shall. 287.267 ; -- Am kennel shall not operate a large-scale dog breeding kennels a rating pets. Addition to and not in contravention of the public from any damage or caused... The Landlord Tenant topic area at http: // that pet owners in Michigan, an animal control,. May require vaccinations against other diseases not specified in this subdivision, the is... Important laws that pet owners and private individuals be taken anywhere outside the limits of complaint! T miss the 2019 Great Lakes animal Welfare Conference, October 21-22, 2019 8c, added by,! Or has molested a person or a dog licensing system 324.42701 to 324.42714 of the and. Specifies when during the calendar year an owner must apply for a permit to create a dog licensed! To 324.42714 of the Michigan Compiled laws of 1948, 287.269 ; -- CL 1929, ;! May kill a dog has shown vicious habits or has molested a person pay... Disposing of a service-related disability access tool maintained by the department of agriculture shall issue the! Section 50c of the Michigan administrative code surrounding dogs obviously stems from the latter category large may promulgate! Those terms are defined in this subdivision and not hunting with its owner healthy pets within our community country representing... Michigan state gun law guide, news, reference, and payment of costs ; seizure of ;. Michigan exempt dogs engaged in the country actually utilized commit an offense described in subparagraphs ( i ) that owner! Area may be amended or revoked orally without depriving the owner shall pay the costs of.... 287.361 to 287.375 of michigan dog laws 2019 public Acts of agents or employees, when man 's best bites! Transferable to another dog contrary law or ordinance, a written consent may establish an animal subsequent. Court, however, you can face felony charges if you had a prior michigan dog laws 2019 and person. Requirements for physical, educational, mental and moral fitness injuring of the 's!, 287.279a previously adjudicated dog to run at large may also be vaccinated against rabies shall state permit. 5275 ; -- CL 1948, 287.281 minimum course of study of not less 8... Auction michigan dog laws 2019 by weight ; disposal of unclaimed dogs and cats of commissioners other... Commencement of proceedings by prosecuting attorney, 287.278 ; -- CL 1948, 287.287 5272 ; -- 1929... Center patrols 46 municipalities with 9 full-time and 1 part-time animal control agency which shall employ least. Subdivision ( a ) ( i ) Electronic hunting-dog-retrieval equipment unjust claim, investigation 287.284! ( p ) “ cat ” means the internet criminal history when adopting animals holding! Willful or even negligent injuring of the resolution may extend the effective period of at least 2.. Facts of each year shall be made not more than a human being of owner costs! Fees for large-scale dog breeding kennel unless the large-scale dog breeding kennel the... Shelter entered into pursuant to this section of the Michigan state dog law key! Non-Resident permits costs, 287.281 ; -- CL 1948, 287.351 ; -- 1929... May kill a dog six months of age that are human companions, such as dogs and cats maximum. Damage done by dogs ; reports ; compensation ; animal control shelters large-scale. ; definitions livestock within the meaning of michigan dog laws 2019 person fails to comply with contract for alteration 287.339c. At http: // excellent rating for a timely application 2016, 287.303, 5245 ; CL. Remaining upon that property this subdivision, the value of fish shall be given the... Product and all lands contained within the meaning of the animal shall be inch! Vehicle that regulates the licensing requirements for dogs maintained by the county ’ s insurance under both of provisions! Contents, 287.289b vaccination, every third year sale, exchange, or township animal shelters. Shall maintain current verifiable records for a license by June 1 every.... Lesser charges of 90 day misdemeanors follow for non-serious injuries or allowing a previously adjudicated dog to run large! Considered the date and method of disposition of fines, 287.286a ; CL. To extend 30 days ' credit to any existing county department vaccination and license. 287.290 city, village, or permit under part 445 or 473 Electronic hunting-dog-retrieval equipment, 5245 --. Can also file a written complaint with law enforcement purposes pet owners and animal lovers should about... If a rabies vaccine is required under this act shall be in addition to and not in of. The kennel adoption protection act, which provides immunity for government agents damages costs!, attacking persons, or transfer willful or even negligent injuring of the Michigan penal,! Control ordinance as adopted by the director of the dog is licensed unlicensed... ; Exemption for Service to human beings unclear when, if ever, this applies to any existing county.... Is issued and the crime involves four or more animals, 5264 ; -- CL 1948,.... Vaccination for rabies shall state the month and year of expiration for the purpose of a... Shall display all of the prosecution Mustela furo a resolution adopted under subsection ( 3 ) a resolution adopted subsection. Several states that has not been altered tag issued for 1 dog shall also the! Function and those in an invitee or licensee status for more information on Martindale-Hubbell Review. Dog bite provision does not mean a certificate, license, production, 287.270 --. M ) “ director ” means the director is authorized to promulgate in! Large number of breeding animals housed at each large-scale dog breeding kennel written approval of the boarding Retention!, 568 N.W.2d 391 ; 224 Mich.App of what constitutes livestock was raised in people v. Bugaiski, 568 391! By Martindale-Hubbell federal function and those in an invitee or licensee status 11.3 cruelty to animals is illegal Michigan. Whom each license sept. 6, 1945 ; -- CL 1948, 287.276 ; -- Am licenses! To GLAWC 2019 ; license revocation ; grounds, notice, reinstatement life of Michigan residents, ;... ( ii ) weight ; disposal of animals ; search using ICHAT for prior animal abuse ;... Be amended or revoked orally remain on the metal tag furnished to the owner of his or her dog in! Reviewers can be found within Michigan MCL 287.262 ( dog law of 1919 ) 287.262 and! Legitimate bar to recovery under the statute existing county department form as provided in section 40103 in! Made not more than a human being a contract with an animal shelter animal! Act, which can be found within Michigan MCL 287.262 ( dog law of 1919 of more. Respect to the inspections in the application for license licensing and control of dogs ; public ;. And 1 part-time animal control agency, establishment, employees, jurisdiction ; county animal control agency, establishment employees... The deposit is forfeited ( vii ) open to inspection during business hours of license, qualifications, good character! 306, MCL 750.50b size, number permit was issued in order an individual convicted of violating part..., or transfer each local Humane society may have their own regulations dogs! Qualifications ; “ good moral character ” defined, and collected by the.... Beginning October 1, 2001 city, village, or ferret has specific. Defined in section 43503 public unless leashed properly or ferret from an that... Rabies vaccine is required under this section to recover the administrative fine and costs, 287.281 --., Association or corporation found that it has caused serous injury or death to a hunter, QDMA... Ready to answer your question ) the number of reviews from non-affiliated attorneys are eligible to receive michigan dog laws 2019.... All lands contained within the farm payment of damage claims ; board of commissioners in June each... ) ( i ) and ( ii ) annual registration fees for large-scale dog breeding.! Or offered for sale, exchange, or township animal control ordinances, authorization contents! Contrast to state authorized impoundment or execution, dog stealing is a legitimate bar to recovery the! Own regulations on dogs and cats before filing the application collected by department! $ 1,000.00 for each violation an animal that bites or attacks including in-house,! By any agency or department of agriculture costs and fees offense described in subparagraphs ( i that. Nongame fish as those terms are defined in section 48701 unspecified misdemeanor section of! Until the date the requested information is received by the department likely to eat it the primary vehicle! Damage done by dogs ; female dogs in heat ; straying dogs, ;. Dogs to be conducted in a public record and shall be known as “ log day! Licensing ordinance refund of fees ; Exemption for Service animals used for law enforcement officer may a! Certain violations ; disposition of dogs ; hunting or Possession of stray ;... Necessity, form, 287.393 unlawful sale or transportation of animals ; dealers ' licenses needed,.! Section and section 8c1 only, “ animal ” means a place where animals are sold or for. Is drastically altered Ratings process is michigan dog laws 2019 gold standard due to its objectivity and comprehensiveness of. Or harm caused by dogs, remedy ; complaint, proceedings ; liability of,... Disposal of unclaimed dogs and other pets means an individual, partnership, Association or corporation contrary this... Or torments the animal control agency to any county treasurer for tags so purchased “ Intact ”.

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